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Orbital Sander

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Condition: B - Good
Brand: DeWalt
Code: YBC0380

Orbital sanders are compact tools which can be used one-handed and have excellent handling. They get the nickname of quarter-sheet sander due the the fact that use 1/4 of a standard 9×11 inch sheet of sandpaper, which can be cut by hand.

This paper is held onto the flat square sanding surface using two spring-loaded clamps. Many of this sander’s nicknames are derived from the tiny circular orbits in which the sanding pad vibrates.

Often referred to as a finishing sander, this tool was built for ultra-fine work, such as removing putty, rounding sharp edges, and creating an ultra-smooth surface.

The tools light weight and gentle movement mean it’s poorly suited for heavy removal projects. However, this also means that you’ll have a difficult time damaging the surface of your project when using this sander.

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